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Top 4 Things to Consider While Buying A ULIP Plan
In the past few years, ULIP plans have become quite popular. A Unit linked Insurance plan is basically a single incorporated plan that gives you the benefit of both insurance and investment. There are several insurance plans available in the market today. And therefore, it becomes difficult to choose the one that suits your requirement. In fact, you need to be more careful before investing in such an instrument. So, if you are planning to buy a ULIP insurance, then here’re a few things you must check while buying one –
• Choose to go with maximum sum assured: Mostly investors will advise you to go with a minimum sum assured in order to earn good returns. But, choose to go with a higher sum assured as mortality charges are low and thus, it will not adversely affect your corpus.
• Understand your risk appetite before investment: This is yet another most important factor you need to understand before buying a ULIP. Basically, your risk appetite determines your asset allocation. Thus, you must determine your risk appetite, funding, and economical responsibilities before choosing an appropriate ULIP plan.
• You need to check the charges: Usually ULIPs come with a set of charges such as policy administration charge, premium allocation charge, fund management charge, and mortality charge. Thus, you need to check these charges before buying a ULIP as this can derail your planning.
• Make comparisons: In order to make a smart decision, you must compare all the products available in the market on factors like terms of the policy, limitations, benefits, etc. In addition, you must check the performance of the funds and should carefully look into the company’s fund management practice.
On the whole, these above mentioned aspects will help the investors to buy the best ULIP plan

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