RELIANCE MUTUAL FUND IS  pleased to introduce a New Fund Offering (NFO) – Reliance Nivesh Lakshya Fund, which we believe would help you preserve wealth and achieve many of the long-term life stage goals for your investors.

Long-term Government of India (GOI) Bonds (25-30 years) are currently trading around 8.20-8.30 levels. Take advantage of prevailing high yields

👉🏻At 7.5-7.6% compounding, Rs. 1 Cr invested could grow to become Rs. 6.5 Crs in 25 years

👉🏻Reliance Nivesh Lakshya Fund would let investors to lock-in the prevailing yields at their time of entry, hold their investments till maturity, and in the process have certainty / visibility of returns over very long-term (25 years).

👉🏻Investments would be made in long-term Government of India bonds (25-30 year securities). Portfolio will be rolled down – incremental investments will continue to be made in similar securities.

👉🏻The Fund would be a superior alternative to Long Term FDs (10 year FD rate 6-6.5%), Tax-free Bonds (~6.25%), RBI taxable bonds (7.75%), endowment and annuity products

👉🏻 Plan and decide a Corpus for your and your family’s future with Certainty

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