Health Insurance


Good health is a boon and we all are not blessed with it. No matter how much we go for healthy food, hit the gym or search the internet to strengthen our immunity system, illness and diseases cannot be avoided. There are so many new diseases that are born due to unhealthy life style, atmosphere, and hereditary disorder. With each disease, there is a series of expenses that follows in the medication, hospitalization and different medical tests for the disease recovery burn a hole in the pocket of a common man. In the world of the price hike, only basic medicine is so expensive that one cannot think of completing the medication course with the normal income even if they start it.

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Health insurance is an insurance policy that ensures a safeguard for the life of policyholder. With the health insurance policy holder can enjoy the cashless treatment, reimbursement of the expense in medical treatment in case of illness. Health insurance companies provide the cover for the diseases that are covered under the health insurance plan and the best part of health insurance is that according to IRDA the premium amount that is paid by the policy holder towards the insurance policy has a tax advantage under Income Tax Act section 80D.

There are different options that are available in the market as an insurance policy, but more are the option holder is the choice. It is not easy to filter out one best plan out of all. And when the matter is of life and health safety of an individual or family’s life, the decision can never be easy. ‘Health is the true wealth ‘and in a country, like India, we are never sure that what is waiting ahead of us.

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